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Quickly and accurately link records within or across data sources using record linkage software that automates phonetic, numeric, domain-specific, and fuzzy matching.

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Surveys reveal that 88% of businesses have had problems with record linkage in their lists. Data duplication is a growing concern with increasing volumes and touch points, resulting in wasted sales and marketing efforts. Duplicate records can also affect predictive analytics and other forms of business intelligence.

So what’s stopping them?

Mistakes in data entry by employees or customers.

Incorrectly formatted phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

Systems migration or data integration from disparate sources.

Nicknames, names with multiple accepted spellings, and abbreviations.

Rated Industry's Fastest and Most Accurate Record Linkage Software

Linkage Scenario
Linkage Quality

Runtime Precision Recall F-Measure
Deduplication 40,000 records 12 Seconds 95.3 97.1 96.2
Deduplication 400,000 records 3 Minutes 92.6 93.2 92.9
Deduplication of 400,000 records
to 4 Million Records
45 Minutes 91.5 93.1 92.3

What is Record Linkage?

Record linkage is defined as the process of identifying records on two or more datasets that refer to the same entity across various data sources such as databases, CRMs, and social media platforms. Discover new connections and unearth insights with record linkage software even when the records in question are in different formats and have no unique identifier (customer number, for instance).

Source of Truth

Find information spread across data sets that belong to the same entity and create a single record with complete information.

Investment ROI

Maintain data quality in your CRM, streamline systems migration and implementation, and build data warehouses on a clean data foundation.

and Compliance

Manage compliance with privacy (GDPR, CCPA, CASL), economic and trade financing (Basel II), and other laws enforced by OFAC, etc.

Sales and
Marketing Insights

Link offline and online customer data to create a single customer view and craft privacy-compliant, omnichannel journeys.

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What You Get With Our Record Linkage Software

Speed and Accuracy
DM_Time Saved

Rated faster and more accurate than IBM and SAS, DataMatch consistently had the least number of false positives in independent studies.

Real-Time Search
DL_Maximize Effiency Retail Case Studies Icon

Perform fuzzy, intelligent searches in real-time, across and within the data source of your choice at blazing speeds.

Embedding with API
DL_Expert SLDS Case Study Icon

Readily integrate the world’s fastest and most accurate record linkage software into your custom-built applications.

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Deploy within minutes with our guided installation wizard and start matching – no advance preparation needed.

Identifying and correcting common data quality issues such as duplication – within and across disparate data sources –  is a challenge for most organizations, regardless of their size.

An independent study, performed by a major university, found that Data Ladder’s record linkage software outperformed several major companies such as IBM and SAS. For accuracy, both the number of found matches vs. possible matches, and the number of false matches were taken into account. This is an essential part of evaluating match accuracy. The clear winner was DataMatch Enterprise, Data Ladder’s fast and accurate record linkage software.

Through proprietary record linkage algorithms, DataMatch helps the user import and export from virtually any system, clean data with built-in special libraries on nicknames, abbreviations, states, advanced pattern recognition, etc., parse addresses, email, and other data with customizable parsing tools, and see graphical reports on the number of records with potential linkages.

All of this is done in a code-free environment, where you interact with your data in a visual and customizable interface.

With the recent explosion in data linkage activities in industries such as healthcare and education, demand for high performing linkage software tools has increased. West Virginia University was recently tasked with assessing the long-term impacts of certain medical conditions on patients over an extended period of time. Using Data Ladder’s record linkage software, researchers were able to link two groups of records together to make the determination on whether previous medical conditions affected long-term health and patient care.

Data Ladder also worked with Zurich Insurance on their record linkage activities. In the insurance industry, it is critical to have payee names aggregate and match for the functioning of various payment processes. The constant need to monitor data requires clean, usable data due to the stringent requirements of the industry. Are you ready for clean, usable data? Fill out the form below and start matching!


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