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Build a 360-degree entity view using real-time, plug and play entity resolution software to help you decrease reputational, financial, corporate integrity, and compliance risks with advanced fuzzy matching algorithms.

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Research reveals that 94% of businesses deal with duplicate records of the same entity and perform identity resolution on some level, either manually or using data quality software. Consolidating related records and tying them to a single entity is inherently complex because exact matches are far and few.

Why does this happen?

Enterprises use 65 applications on average, meaning multiple records for the same entity are spread across.

Manual input results in spelling mistakes and formatting issues, resulting in false negatives while matching.

Nicknames, abbreviations, and variations provided by customers are mapped as unique data.

Rated Fastest and Most Accurate Entity Resolution Software

Features of the solution Data Ladder IBM Quality Stage SAS Dataflux In-House Solutions
Match Accuracy
(Between 40K to 8M record samples)
96% 91% 84% 65-85%*
Software Speed Very Fast Fast Fast Slow
Purchasing / Licensing Costing 80 to 95% Below Competition $370K+ $220K+ $250K+
Time to First Result 15 Minutes 2 Months+ 2 Months+ 3 Months+
Comments Above tests were completed on 15 different product comparisons with university, government, and private companies (80K to 8M records). This includes the effect of false positives. Need multi-threaded. in memory, no-SQL processing to optimize for speed and accuracy. Speed is important, the more match iterations you can run, the more accurate your results will be. Includes base license costs. 2014 prices or later, in-house, includes salary + benefits. Note in-house implementations had a 10% chance of losing in-house personnel, so over 5 years half of the in-house implementations had lost the core member who ran and understood the matching program. A metric for ease of use. This is the time to first result, not necessarily full cleansing.

Rated Fastest and Most Accurate Identity Resolution Software

Solution Capabilities
Match Accuracy (Between 40K to 8M record samples) Data Ladder:
IBM Quality Stage:
SAS Dataflux:
In-House Solutions:
Software Speed Data Ladder:
Very Fast
IBM Quality Stage:
SAS Dataflux:
In-House Solutions:
Purchasing / Licensing Costing Data Ladder:
80 to 95% Below Competition
IBM Quality Stage:
SAS Dataflux:
In-House Solutions:
Time to First Result Data Ladder:
15 Minutes
IBM Quality Stage:
2 Months+
SAS Dataflux:
2 Months+
In-House Solutions:
3 Months+

What is Entity Resolution Software?

Entity resolution software, also known as Identity resolution software, is a platform or set of core data quality tools used to identify records that refer to the same entity within or across data sources. This could be done for deduplication and cleansing purposes, or to enrich and create golden records that absorb entity fragments across your business and create a unified entity profile.

Patient Data
DL_Health information Exchange Healthcare Icon

Match patient data across electronic health records, birth certificate registries, clinical data warehouse, etc. for process improvement.

DL_Low Performance Product Retail Case Studies Icon

Ensure regulatory compliance with identity resolution software for GDPR compliance and accurate matching against watchlists (OFAC, AML, KYC, etc.).

DL_Fraud Prevention Icon

Uncover deep, hidden connections in your data and detect fraudulent entities. For instance, multiple claims from the same address.

Identity Resolution
FM_Name Issues

Confidently identify your customers across omnichannel user experiences by creating unified customer profiles.

Transform Dirty Data

Full Name Address Email
j smith 10 Main Street, Springfield, 01234
Jon Smyth 10 Main Street NULL
jonathan smith Law Firm 10 Main Street, Apartment 304 NULL

To Deduplicated, Cleaned and Merged Data

First Name Last Name Address Zip City Apt Email Industry
Jonathan Smith 10 Main St 01234 Springfield 304 [email protected] Legal
First Name Jonathan
Last Name Smith
Address 10 Main St
Zip 01234
City Springfield
Apt 304
Email [email protected]
Industry Legal

What You Get With Our Identity Resolution Software

Fuzzy Logic
DL_Review SLDS Case Study Icon

Identify matches accurately with percent matches between records and setting minimum percent match thresholds by field.

Merging and
DL_Merge and Survivorship Icon

Choose which record survives as the ‘master’ by designating the field you want to merge on while storing additional data in a new field.

DL_Standardize your Data Healthcare Icon

Apply over 300,000 built-in libraries for names (Jon, Jonathan, John), phone numbers, address, and company name for standardization.

Big Data
DL_Fuzzy Matching M&A Case Study Icon

Integrate with NoSQL and Hadoop-based data lakes, alongside social media, CRMs, traditional databases, and file formats.

Organizations today have millions of customer, vendor, and employee records, often with different data standards and non-exact relationships. Performing entity resolution and determining who’s who can be an impossible task without the proper tools. Fuzzy matching algorithms, automated standardization across datasets, and the ability to manually identify relationships are of key importance in your entity resolution software of choice.

Data Ladder’s identity/entity resolution tools are in place across the Fortune 500 and within government organizations to quickly, affordably, and efficiently enable entity resolution.

Merging different databases with different sources (SQL Server, MySQL, Excel, ODBC etc.) and combining into a common structure is the first step in the process. Usually, duplicates are between databases, but sometimes duplicates are within a single table. DataMatch can import, combine, and export to the most common database formats. Additionally, DataMatch will auto-map similar fields from different data sources together (customizable).

DataMatch identity resolution software employs fuzzy matching to find duplicates that cannot be detected by normal deduplication methods. Our out-of-the-box reference libraries contain more than 300,000 data standardization rules to automatically correct mistakes, recognize abbreviations, detect alternate spellings, associate nicknames, and much more. When these libraries are used to understand your data, the solution delivers results more accurate than any competing solution.

Our identity resolution tool is used for mission-critical applications in a variety of domains by the Fortune  500. Market researchers use it to ensure cleanliness of data. Marketing experts match data from their marketing activities and map it to the right customers. The financial and insurance sectors use it for fraud prevention to detect multiple identity creation and to comply with regulations. The applications are limited only by your imagination.


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