Product Match

ProductMatch helps you recognize and transform complex, unstructured product data taken from disparate sources to determine hierarchical relationships using machine learning and contextual recognition to enable a single product view, optimize listings, and categorize into industry-standard classifications.
product match

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Use cases

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What do you get with ProductMatch?

Semantic recognition

The platform’s powerful contextual recognition engine understands helps match and prep data in a structured format, eliminating the need for data transformation

Product deduplication & linkage

Reduce the number of parts in your inventory dramatically while enriching product data with attributes and classifications by matching across the enterprise.

Pattern matching

Use the Regex wizard to quickly identify patterns and parse records into new fields. Example: Text “3 x 4 x 6” can be extracted into: Length = 3, Width = 4, and Height = 6.

Product matching

Match key fields like part number and manufacturer name or key capabilities like product functionality by extracting attributes to understand product relationships.

Point-and-click interface

Data Ladder provides a modern, visual interface proven to improve attribute extraction, standardization, structuring, and match accuracy by at least 10%.

Standardization at scale

Identify and correct typos in unstructured data, parse relevant attributes with advanced pattern matching, and apply standardization rules at scale.


One solution for all data quality problems

Machine learning capabilities

Pattern matching

Contextual recognition

Data quality validation

Intelligent parsing

Taxonomy development

In-memory processing

Custom output functions

Rule-driven data quality validation

Competitive intelligence

Catalog building

Product gap analysis

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