DataMatch Enterprise API

DME exposes all of its features through its API, which allows you to use any data quality management function in your custom or existing application and set it up for real-time data profiling, cleansing, matching, or deduplication.


Certified for security, quality, compliance and code integrity.

Use cases

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Results accuracy

DME Performance on a dataset of 2M records


What do you get with DME API?

High performance

Exceptionally high performance and scalability features, allowing tons of data to be cleansed, matched and processed on demand.

Quick implementation

Simply download and deploy the application within minutes with the help of our guided installation wizard and start matching.

Intuitive interface

A highly visual and intuitive interface made for business users, IT specialists, data analysts and scientists, as well as novice users.

Robust matching technology

Rated faster and more accurate than IBM and SAS, DME consistently had the least number of false positives in independent studies.

Seamless integration

Readily integrate the world’s fastest and most accurate data quality features into your custom-built or third-party applications.

Real time syncs

Compute exact, fuzzy, and intelligent matches in real-time, across and within multiple data sources at blazing speeds.


One solution for all data quality problems

Quick data profiling

Master record selection

Workflow orchestration

Advanced filtering

Instant and live data preview

Record Linkage and Deduplication

Phone number standardization

Bulk cleansing and standardization

Email address cleansing

Seamless data integration

Cross-column matching

Pattern matching and recognition

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Merging Data from Multiple Sources – Challenges and Solutions

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