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Find matches at unprecedented speeds and accuracy to integrate data, remove duplicates, and enrich records using intelligent, best-in-class data matching software, regardless of where your data lives

Rated Fastest and Most Accurate Data Matching Software

Features of the solution Data Ladder IBM Quality Stage SAS Dataflux In-House Solutions Comments
Match Accuracy
(Between 40K to 8M record samples)
96% 91% 84% 65-85%* Multi-threaded, in-memory, no-SQL processing to optimize for speed and accuracy. Speed is important, because the more match iterations you can run, the more accurate your results will be.
Software Speed Very Fast Fast Fast Slow A metric for ease of use. Here speed indicates time to first result, not necessarily full cleansing.
Time to First Result 15 Minutes 2 Months+ 2 Months+ 3 Months+
Purchasing/Licensing Costing 80 to 95% Below Competition $370K+ $220K+ $250K+ Includes base license costs.

Note: in-house implementations have a 10% chance of losing in-house personnel, so over 5 years, half of the in-house implementations lose the core member who ran and understood the matching program.

*Above tests were completed on 15 different product comparisons with university, government, and private companies (80K to 8M records). This includes the effect of false positives.

What You Get with Our Data Matching Software

Unmatched Speed
and Accuracy

Unparalleled matching accuracy and speed for enterprise-level data cleansing beating IBM and SAS.

Big Data

Seamless integration with MongoDB and Hadoop-based databases for processing of 100 million+ records.

Proprietary Matching

Mix of established and proprietary matching algorithms with a high level of matching accuracy.


Designed for both business and IT users, DataMatch allows you to match and cleanse data visually.

What is Data Matching?

Data matching, also known as record linkage, is a data management process that allows you to accurately identify, match, merge and duplicate records across disparate data sources for the availability of complete and up-to-date across the enterprise.

Duplicate records of the same entity may be scattered across your data repositories and applications, but if they have spelling mistakes, multicultural variations in names, nicknames or aliases, extra words, etc., regular data matching tools won’t be able to detect the duplicates.

You need a better, modern approach to data matching.
You need Data Ladder.

Our industry-leading data matching software helps you find matching records, merge data, and remove duplicates using intelligent fuzzy matching and machine learning algorithms, regardless of where your data lives and in which format.

Improve your data quality with data matching and make it your competitive advantage.

How Can Data Matching Software Help you Grow Your Business?

For a complete, accurate view of enterprise-wide data, data stewards must collaborate and come up with a data governance strategy to unify and match records across information systems and applications that collect customer data. This strategy then ensures that data quality is addressed at the root and only clean, golden records of your data are published in your upstream and downstream applications. The result is reduced confusion at all levels of the organization while dealing with data and higher ROI as a result of increased confidence in your data by using data matching software.

Enjoy Increased ROI:

Your marketing and sales efforts are more effective and efficient with accurate and complete customer data.

Keep Your Reputation Intact:

Avoid embarrassing situations when you are dealing with customers by eliminating duplicates.

Flexibility Where You Need It:

Intuitively match and enrich data in all popular formats and sources – no technical background required.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive:

Avoid data quality issues before bad data even makes it into your system with our real-time API features.

Cut Costs:

Reduce postage and mailing costs by eliminating duplicates from your database using best-in-class data matching software.

Spy On Your Competition:

Compare your product catalog to the competition, quickly determining gaps and opportunities.

Improve Healthcare Services:

Accurately match patient records against health information exchanges to enrich data across jurisdictions.

Streamline Data Migration:

Ensure successful system migration to your modern ERP, PIM, or CRM by automating data cleansing and deduplication.

Automate OFAC Matching:

Avoid OFAC violations easily by matching vendor/supplier data against blacklists before making transactions.

Data Preparation for Your Data Lake:

Resolve entity relationships and prepare your Big Data for predictive analytics with state-of-the-art matching.

In a nutshell, data matching will help you improve



Risk and


I want a single
source of truth

Get 360 customer, vendor, or product view by linking records across the enterprise.

I want cleaner
data for analytics

Merge and purge to build your data lake for enhanced predictive analytics.

I want higher
operational efficiency

Increase confidence in your data to reduce operational costs and increase productivity.

With Data Ladder, You Get:

Fully visual, intuitive interface

Complete set of data cleansing tools

Semantic matching for unstructured data

Support for disparate data sources for record linkage

Affordable package; costs 95% less than comparable solutions

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