Data quality for sales and marketing

Resolve contact data decay in CRMs, Excel sheets, and other data sources through deduplication and data cleansing to lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value goals.

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How bad data affects sales and marketing?


CRM data decay causes significant loss in revenues

27 percent of B2B marketers admit that insufficient data has cost them 10% or, in some cases, even more in annual revenue losses.

High bounce rates

Increased email bounces due to email typos, punctuation errors or data decay, causing loss in domain reputation

Missed or Returned Mails

Unverified or missing address details such as street name and ZIP+4 can lead to failed deliveries and returned mails.

Poor Employee Productivity

Sales and management teams waste nearly 50% of their time handling basic data quality management tasks.

Lack of personalization

Inaccurate and incomplete information can restrict the level of personalization needed to tailor campaigns according to customers’ buyer journeys.

Duplicate marketing efforts

Customers can mistakenly become recipients of campaigns meant for others that can increase attrition rates.

Data Decay

Potential sales losses due to contact details such as email and phone data becoming quickly out-of-date and obsolete.


DataMatch Enterprise – Convert Reliable Data to Sales

DataMatch Enterprise offers marketing companies robust list matching and cleansing solutions to prevent losses due to data decay with prebuilt CASS-certified address verification, intuitive data cleansing features, and fuzzy matching algorithms. Discard obsolete, duplicate, and redundant contact details to improve campaign engagement and response metrics.

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Business Benefits

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Set Data Standards

Standardize names of accounts, contact names, and addresses by adding or removing suffixes, initials, or abbreviations to achieve data consistency.

Validate Data in Real-time

Leverage real-time API flows to validate data coming directly from input forms to your CRM database using specific rules.

Personalize Customer Experiences

Have a single customer view across multiple marketing channels to leverage omni-channel campaigns and tailor messaging specific to customers’ lifecycle stages.

Uncover New Revenue Opportunities

Make use of complete and up-to-date customer transaction history and purchase signals to capitalize on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Save man-hours cleansing and matching data and on direct mail packaging and postal costs targeting duplicate leads to lower acquisition costs.

Focus on Strategic Activities

Automate cleansing and matching routines to save crucial man-hours for core marketing activities such as predictive modelling, marketing stack or sponsorships.

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