Data quality for government agencies

Enhance inter-agency matching by identifying missing matches across several databases whilst complying with PII data. Ensure regulatory compliance and program performance with confidence.

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How bad data affects public sector data?


Inter-agency matching limits data reliability

7 out of 10 government officials state that bad data quality disrupts their ability to run the public’s business.

Duplicate records

Repeated copies of the same entity increase the complexity in creating a holistic view of a specific population segment.

High false negatives

Inaccurate record linkage processes can fail to detect fuzzy, phonetic mis-keyed and abbreviated variations resulting in fewer matches.

Long cycle times

Duplicate and redundant records cause a surge in data bandwidth, increasing the time taken to process records.

Unreliable planning data

Compromised research integrity due to inaccurate public data can hinder efficient allocation of public policy resources and funds.

Lack of unique identifiers

Tracking individuals using unique identifiers across multiple agency databases whilst protecting PII data is a challenge.

Mismanagement of public funds

Poor visibility into financial and accounting data can cause overpayments to contractors and delayed collections from debtors.


DataMatch Enterprise – A robust cross-jurisdictional matching solution

DataMatch Enterprise is Data Ladder’s flagship software solution that enables public sector and federal agencies accurately link records across several states and territories. With proprietary fuzzy logic algorithms and real-time API workflows, DataMatch Enterprise can identify golden records in days compared to months.

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Business Benefits

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Better regulatory compliance

Create uniformity in formats, naming conventions, and patterns to ensure accuracy and consistency in data reporting for compliance purposes.

Keep track of anomalies

Run routine audits of databases using data profiling to reveal spelling, punctuation, casing errors and null values.

Uncover missing matches

Detect fuzzy, phonetic, mis-keyed, and abbreviated variations to identify higher cross-jurisdictional matches across multiple states and territories.

Enhance inter-agency matching

Create master IDs to link individuals across disparate databases operated by different agencies without compromising PII data.

Expedite request management

Automate record linkage and cleansing processes through real-time API flows or batch schedules to process requests faster.