On-Premise Address Verification Software

Keeping your contact databases accurate and clean takes work. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. DataMatch Enterprise’s secure, on-premise address verification & geocoding software works for businesses of all sizes, providing services for an unlimited number of records.

Bulk Address Verification Software

- Provides enriched data through the addition of up-to-date geocodes and demographic data
- On premise solution allows user privacy — no need to send private information through the cloud
- Allows correction of addresses stored in Excel (All Versions), Oracle, MySQL, Text (.txt, .csv), dBase, ODBC and SQL Server (All Versions)

"Data Ladder's on site address verification suite let's us verify millions of records repeatedly within our own systems, a huge cost savings for us vs other solutions, while keeping our data inside our own four walls.” - VP, Information Technology, Major International Advertising Agency

Did you know that the United States Postal Service handles nearly 2 billion addresses annually with inaccurate or missing data? Don’t let your mail be a part of the statistic. Ensure your database is formatted and up to date. We can analyze, parse, and clean data in conjunction with systems from the USPS, including the USPS CASS™ certification program to ensure the most accurate information across the board.

DataMatch Enterprise uses DPV processing in order to verify addresses are physically existing, and compare potential matches to deliverable addresses to ensure accuracy.

We also work with the LACSLink® system to convert rural addresses to city style addresses to ensure delivery, and stay updated with city-style addresses that may have changed or been renumbered. This system originally began with 911 emergency services requiring an efficient and fast way to find addresses more easily.

Platforms: Windows XP / 2003 / 7 / 8 / 10

File Formats:Excel (All Versions), Oracle, MySQL, Text (.txt, .csv), dBase, ODBC and SQL Server (All Versions)

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DataMatch Address Verification Software



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