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With decades of research and development in enterprise-grade data matching and cleansing, Data Ladder is perfectly positioned to help you ‘Get the Most Out of Your Data’

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Data Ladder is a data quality software company dedicated to helping business users get the most out of their data through data matching, profiling, deduplication, and enrichment tools. Whether it’s matching millions of records through our fuzzy matching algorithms, or transforming complex product data through semantic technology, Data Ladder’s data quality tools provide a superior level of service unmatched in the industry.

About Data Ladder

Founded in 2006, Data Ladder is a data quality and cleansing company dedicated to helping you “Get the Most Out of Your Data” through Data Matching, Profiling, Deduplication, Data Quality, Augmentation, and Enrichment.

Ten years of Research and Development (R&D), with more than 4000 installations and presence in 40+ countries around the world make part of our numerous list of clients; they certify that our company has helped them get the most out data, by cleaning, enhancing and increasing their data quality.

12% - 300%
more matches

Unmatched Speed And Accuracy

Why Data Ladder? Our user-friendly, powerful software helps business users across industries manage data more effectively and drive their bottom line. Our data quality software suite, DataMatch Enterprise, was proven to find approximately 12% to 300% more matches than leading software companies IBM and SAS in 15 different studies.

4000+ Installations In 40+ Countries

Exact and Non-Exact Comparisons

With over 10 years of R&D and counting, we are constantly improving our data quality software solutions. This ongoing dedication has led to more than 4000 installations worldwide. Our growing client base proves that we help businesses get the most out of their data, by cleaning, enhancing and increasing their data quality.

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Working with clients such as Hewlett-Packard, U.S. Department of Treasury, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Education, Hoover’s, and Cardinal Health, Data Ladder’s suite of data cleansing services is in use across many Fortune 500 companies and spread out across more than 40 countries globally.

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