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See how Data Ladder helps you Get the Most Out of Your Data with every new release, adding features to help you integrate, profile, clean, standardize, and enrich your data faster and more easily than ever.

DataMatch Enterprise™

Drill Down Into Your Data and Discover Problems Faster

Profile your data at a glance with our powerful histogram feature and see exactly how many valid or repeated values exist for any column. You can also drill down deeper by simply clicking to see what each bar in the histogram represents. To see the histograms, Generate Profile, and in the Data Exploration window, switch to the ‘Stat Details (Advanced) tab.

DataMatch Enterprise™

Add Modifiable Notes While Profiling Your Data For Easier Data Cleansing

Users now have the ability to add modifiable notes on a new column that appears in both Data Profiling and Data Standardization components. Now take cleansing and standardization notes efficiently as you profile your data and notice data quality issues. You can enter any information and these notes will be saved and pre-populated the next time you run data profile/data standardization for the current data source.

DataMatch Enterprise™

Exercise Greater Control Over How You Import Your Data

The import wizard now allows you to choose whether you want to import all data sources from your Data Library into a new DataMatch Enterprise project – or a select few. Users can also change or delete column names prior to import to make the cleansing and matching process more intuitive within our solution. Moreover, you can also modify any pre-defined custom SQL queries for data sources in your library right before you import.

DataMatch Enterprise™

Increased Flexibility when Merging and Surviving Records

You can now choose a new overwrite type in the Merge and Survivorship step: “Most Popular”. The feature helps you determine master record criterion easily. When this overwrite type is selected, the most recurring field is picked. If all fields are unique and there are no recurring values, the first non-empty value in the match group is chosen.

DataMatch Enterprise™

Get a Visual Snapshot of Address Data on a Map

While profiling your data, the Map Chart tab under Data Exploration gives you a visual snapshot of your address data, helping you determine problems like missing customer data in specific states, at a glance. The feature picks the zip codes from a data source and plots them on a map. You can easily see apprroximate record count in each region within the map chart (US and Canada supported at present).

DataMatch Enterprise™

Export Filtered Data at Any Step As You Work with Your Data

Test out various deduplication, standardization, and matching configurations and export filtered data at any step within DataMatch Enterprise. Whether you want to export your data profile or have applied business rules from our cleansing and standardization libraries and want to export a specific configuration to Excel, you can now do so at any point as you work with your data.

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