DataMatch Enterprise Documents: Address Verification


This premium feature allows you to validate address and company information with the USPS database among others.  This feature is a “must-have” if you are using DataMatch Enterprise to clean a mailing list. This page will include the number of days that are remaining in the validation of the current CASS files database. This database needs to be renewed every 60 days and will be sent to licensed users before it expires.

The user may move items to the left pane he or she does not want to see in the export.  By default, all of the fields are active.  The user may move some or all to the inactive, left-hand pane.  The following is a description of the available fields:

    1. V Status – Is the record verified (Yes/No).
    2. V Residential Delivery Indicator – Defines if the residential address may receive direct deliveries to the door.
    3. V Company Firm.
    4. V Primary Address.
    5. V Secondary Address.
    6. V City.
    7. V State.
    8. V Zip Code – 5 digits (USA).
    9. V Postal Code (Canada).
    10. V Plus4 – Additional 4 digits associated with the 5-digit Zip Code.
    11. V Delivery Point Check Digit – Specific to USPS.
    12. V Delivery Point – Specific to USPS.
    13. VPlus 6 – Additional 6 digits that identify other variables.
    14. V Carrier Route Code – Specific to USPS.
    15. V Line of Travel Number – Specific to USPS for non-automation or flat size mailing.
    16. V Line of Travel Code – Specific to USPS.
    17. V Address Record Type.
      1. F – ZIP+4 Match on the Company Name.
      2. G – General Delivery Record.
      3. H – High Rise Record.
      4. P – PO Box Record.
      5. R – Rural Route Record.
      6. S – Street Record.
    18. V Urbanization – Closed or gated community.
    19. V State Fips – Specific to USPS Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code (FIPS 6-4) which uniquely identifies counties and county-equivalents in the United States, certain U.S. possessions, and certain freely associated states. The first two digits are the FIPS state code and the last three are the county code within the state or possession.
    20. V County Fips.
    21. V County Name.
    22. V Congress Dist – Congressional District Code.
    23. V Preferred City.
    24. V Abbreviated City.
    25. V Last Line – The last line of an address.  This normally contains the City, State (Abbreviation), and Zipcode
    26. V Lacs Match
      1. A = LACS Record Match: The input record matched to a record in the master file. A new address could be furnished.
      2. 00 = No Match: The input record could not be matched to a record in the master file. A new address could not be furnished.
      3. 09 = LACS Record Match: Highrise Default – The input record matched to a record in the master file, but the old address is a Highrise default.
      4. 14 = LACS Record Match: New Address Would Not Convert at Run Time – The input record matched to a record in the master file. The new address could not be converted to a deliverable address.
      5. 92 = LACS Record Match: Secondary Number Dropped from Input Address – The input record matched to a master file record, but the input address had a secondary number, and the master file record did not. The record is a ZIP + 4 street level or Highrise match.
    27. V Lacs Link – a data-only product that contains addresses that have been converted, modified, or changed due to USPS changes, or changes required for the 911 emergency system.
    28. V Lacs Link Indicator.
      1. Y = New Address.
      2. N = New Address not provided.
      3. D = Derived by data – returned in lieu of 11-digit.
      4. S = Derived by software.
    29. V Suite Link.
      1. A = SuiteLink Record Match – Business address improved. The input record matched to a record in the master file. An improved business address could be furnished.
      2. 00 = No Match – Business address not improved. The input record COULD NOT BE matched to a record in the master file. An improved business address could not be furnished (This occurs when the address is found in the Suitelink database, but the company name did not have a match).
    30. V Return Code
      1. 10 = Invalid Address.
      2. 11 = Invalid ZIP code.
      3. 12 = Invalid State Code.
      4. 13 = Invalid City.
      5. 21 = Address not found.
      6. 22 = Multiple response.
      7. 31 = Single response (Exact Match).
      8. 32 = Default response (Missing information – Ste #, or Invalid Ste #).
    31. V Error and Warning
      1. A#  ZIP.
      2. B#  City/State Corrected.
      3. C#  Invalid city/state/zip.
      4. D#  No ZIP assigned.
      5. E#  ZIP assigned for multiple responses.
      6. F#  No ZIP available.
      7. G#  Part of firm moved to address.
      8. H#  Secondary number missing.
      9. I#  Insufficient/incorrect data.
      10. J#  Dual input.
      11. K#  Multi caused by the cardinal rule.
      12. L#  Deliver address component add/del/chg.
      13. M#  Street name spelling changed.
      14. N#  Delivery address was standardized.
      15. O#  Low +4 tie-breaker (multi-response).
      16. P#  Better delivery address exists.
      17. Q#  Unique ZIP Code.
      18. R#  No match due to EWS (Early Warning System).
      19. S#  Invalid secondary number.
      20. T#  Multiple caused by magnet rule.
      21. U#  Unofficial Post Office name.
      22. V#  Unverifiable city/state.
      23. W#  Small town default.
      24. X#  Unique ZIP code generated.
      25. Y#  Military match.
      26. Z#  ZIP move match.
    32. V Building Number – same as the street number.
    33. V Predirection.
    34. V Street Name.
    35. V Post Direction.
    36. V Suffix.
    37. V Secondary Name – Example: Suite, Office, etc.
    38. V Secondary Number.
    39. V PM B Indicator – Indicates if the address corresponds to a Private Mailbox.
    40. V PM B Number.
    41. V Vacancy Flag – Populates it with a “Y” when an address is determined to be vacant (for at least 90 days) per USPS data, or “N” if it is not.  Entries that failed DPV are left empty.
    42. V County F I P S Code.
    43. V State F I P S Code.
    44. V Congress Dist. Number.
    45. V D P V.
      1. Y = Address was DPV confirmed for both primary and (if present) secondary numbers.
      2. D = Address was DPV confirmed for the primary number only, and Secondary number information was missing.
      3. S = Address was DPV confirmed for the primary number only, and Secondary number information was present but unconfirmed.
      4. N = Both Primary and (if present) Secondary number information failed to DPV Confirm.
      5. Blank = Address not presented to hash table.
    46. V D P V Flag.
        1. AA: ZIP4 matched.
        2. A1: ZIP4 did not match.
        3. BB: HSA_DPV confirmed the entire address.
        4. CC: HSA_DPV confirmed address by dropping secondary info.
        5. F1: Military Match.
        6. G1: General Delivery Match.
        7. N1: HSA_DPV confirmed a Highrise or box-type address w/o secondary info.
        8. M1: Primary number missing from the address.
        9. M3: Could not confirm the address.
        10. P1: Box type address missing box number.
        11. P3: Box number invalid.
        12. RR: HSC_DPV confirmed address.
        13. R1: HSC_DPV confirmed a Highrise or box-type address w/o secondary info.
        14. U1: Unique ZIP Code Match.
    47. V L A C S Flag.
    48. V L A C S Return Code.
    49. V Ste Link Ind.
    50. V Census Tract.
    51. V Census Block Group.
    52. V Latitude.
    53. V Longitude.
    54. V Error Explanation.

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