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DataMatch Enterprise + Address Verification: Bi-Monthly CASS Files Update

It is time to update your CASS files. Please use the link below to download the new CASS files and see the instructions to update DataMatch Enterprise if applicable. Please let us know if you have any questions about how to do this, and if we can be of any assistance. A confirmation would be appreciated either way. Thanks!

Additionally, take into account that it is very important you update your DataMatch Enterprise version to the latest one using the link below in order to ensure compatibility with the latest CASS files and also to allow for Canadian address verification:

Download DataMatch Enterprise

The new CASS files are ready for download:

1. CASS File 1
2. CASS File 2
3. CASS File 3

Instructions to install the files

1. Download the installer and the two bin files.
2. Run the installer
3. Be sure that the default locations match exactly as you see them in the image below. You may need to remove a single folder from the default destination (Address Data Path & Geo Data Path).

In case you need assistance, please contact

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