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Format Dictionary

AccuZIP6 is distributed with an empty User-Defined Format Dictionary because it is impossible for AccuZIP6 to know how you will want to format your data.  You can use the Format Dictionary to correct poor data entry.  For instance, at data entry, the country could be typed in a few different ways, like U.S.A. and US and United States.  With the Format Dictionary, you can choose the format that you like the best and build a cross-reference.  Follow the steps below to add items to the Format Dictionary:

  • In the Format window or Validate Records window, click on the User Defined Dictionary button .  The Format Dictionary window will appear:

Format Dictionary Window

  • Click New.

  • Type in the Original entry and press Tab.

  • Type in the desired Formatted text.

  • To Delete all existing Formats click the Delete All button .

  • When you’ve finished editing the Format Dictionary click Close.

The Format Dictionary will automatically save any changes made upon closing.

If you recognize a pattern in a field that you would like to change throughout the database, you can take advantage of Pattern-Based Matching.  Pattern-Based Matching allows you to change the way information in a field is formatted based on patterns you recognize in your database.  You could use this feature to improve address quality for validation or purely for aesthetic purposes.  For example, if your address data is entered N100 Main St and it should be 100 N Main St; you can use the Format Dictionary to correct this situation. Pattern-Based Matching can be used on any field in the database.   Some additional examples of Pattern-Based Matching are shown in the table below, as well as standard formatting (used to convert common strings to acceptable formats for the validation engine):

Original Data

Formatted Data

Pattern In

Pattern Out

Address Examples





123 Main



000123 Main

123 Main



W 100 N 200 Main St

W100N200 Main St



Other Examples




















Underscores ( _ ) are used to search for spaces in the format dictionaries.

Follow the steps below to use this feature:

  • Create a new entry in the Format Dictionary.  

  • In the Original column, type in an open bracket “[” followed by the data that you need to replace.  The bracket indicates that you will be entering a pattern.

  • In the Formatted column, Type in a bracket “[” and the desired formatted data.  AccuZIP6 will replace the characters you entered with an “L” for letters and a “#” for numbers and an asterisk for other characters.

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