DataMatch Enterprise Documents: DataMatch Enterprise + Address Verification: Remapping Columns Across Definitions


Can the following remapping cause any potential errors in results/processes?

Definition 1: Data1.Col1 compared to Data2.Col1 (then remap Col1 to Col2)
Definition 2: Data1.Col1 compared to Data2.Col2

Definition 1 – Address3 to City

Definition 2 – Address3 to Address

Definition 3 – Address3 to Zip

Definition 4 – Address3 to Address3

Definition 5 – Address3 to Company

The mapping doesn’t influence the match definitions, to match criteria don`t have to be one of the mapped rows
The user has to drag and drop, enabling the user to remap. The user will have other values from the second DS in the resulting table, you can match ds1.col1 to ds2.col2 but ds1.col1 can be at the same time mapping to ds2.col1.

This will help the user fix the names out of order.

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