DataMatch Enterprise Documents: DataMatch Enterprise: Export Slippage Issue – Data Moving to Next Columns During Export to Excel


When encountering some slippage with exporting from Data Ladder. Please see the overview below.

Attached are examples of the record comparison between DME and excel on the same records. Also attached are the export routines during testing out of different encoding etc.





When there is a field that is pipe-delimited and there is also a pipe inside the cell value, this can cause data slippage not properly exported.  Please look at the following example:

This should be parsed like this:


o        Black and White

o        Black and White

o        Black and White

o   But due to the pipe inside the quotes in the middle value, we are seeing instances of this:

o        Black and White

o        Black

o        White

o        Black and White

Selecting the “Cell Values Enclosed in Quotes” option at all stages should work fine.

Generally speaking, you should always be using the quotes text qualifier and with a | delimiter for selected clients who need it.

For those instances where the slippage has occurred and there is a | value in the slipped records. If so, please use the text qualifier to resolve the issue.

In order to avoid this, we suggest the following:

*  Export to a CSV file.

*  When you see the CSV file popup, select the Cell Values Enclosed in Quotes.

* When you open in excel, make sure you select the Text Qualifier as ” (double quote).

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