DataMatch Enterprise Documents: DataMatch Enterprise Server: CLR20r3 Error When Launching Application


When you try to launch the software/solution and get the following error followed by a hard close.

Problem signature:

  •   Problem Event Name:                        CLR20r3
  •   Problem Signature 01:                       DataMatchEnterprise.exe
  •   Problem Signature 02:             
  •   Problem Signature 03:                       5b5f279c
  •   Problem Signature 04:                       mscorlib
    Problem Signature 05:                       4.7.3130.0
    Problem Signature 06:                       5b175e6e
  •   Problem Signature 07:                       1679
  •   Problem Signature 08:                       12f
  •   Problem Signature 09:                       System.UnauthorizedAccess
  •   OS Version:                                          6.3.9600.
  •   Locale ID:                                             1033
  •   Additional Information 1:                  b708
  •   Additional Information 2:                  b7087b508dac0c17eff47080b9ef570d
    Additional Information 3:                  20a0
  •   Additional Information 4:                  20a0066d0e6bfecd4b1c7d378b2bc121

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There are multiple scenarios to look at: 

Perhaps the problem depends on user permissions. Maybe this user doesn’t have permission to read from system folders.

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