DataMatch Enterprise Documents: Final Export

What to do with duplicates?

  • Show all records and flag duplicates: Selecting this option will export all of the records from your data sources and create a column for the match group ID in order to “flag” the matches/duplicates.
  • Show all unique records, suppress duplicated (deletes records that are duplicates): This option will export a list of only the unmatched/unique records. Please note that all of the matches from the results screen will not be exported.
  • Show with a master record remaining for each group of duplicate records: By selecting this option you will export all unique, unmatched records as well as a master record from each matched group. If you have not assigned a master record, the first occurrence of a record in a matched group will be exported.

Export duplicates only

  • This will export only the matches that were viewed on the Match Results Tab.
  • Cross-reference will export the results that have similar values in a cross-column format.

Which Data sets would you like included

  • This option will include only the checked data sources in the export

Handling Selected rows

  • This option will allow the users to work with the records that have been checked in the Selected column on the Match Results window.

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