DataMatch Enterprise Documents: Match Configuration

Match Configuration

On this screen, the user will define how the data source(s) will be matched.

  1. All: This will look for matches between each data source (matches) as well as will look for matches within each data source (duplicates)
  2. None: This will unselect all of the boxes.  This is not a valid matching option.
  3. Between: This will look for matches between the data sources and not search for duplicates within the individual data sources.
  4. Within: This will search for duplicates within the data sources only.  No inter-data source matches will be searched.

One Record Per Result Group – This will limit 1 matched record per the selected data source in the resulting group.  This is useful when there may be many records that will populate a matched group but the user only wants to know if the record is a match or not.  This may be used for a true/false match event.

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