DataMatch Enterprise Documents: ProductMatch: Unable to Preview SQL Records DB Times Out – Ram Issues


       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): There is insufficient memory available in the buffer pool.
  The user would not see preview records when coming on the categorization tab. The user should select any record needed and click the preview record button. the user can’t load everything at once.

To solve this you need to allocate more RAM to your database:

The user should set your max server memory to leave at least a gig or two available to the OS and any other software on your server. SQL will cache data and only release it when approaching its limits.

Use max server memory to prevent the SQL Server buffer pool from using more than the specified amount of memory, thus leaving the remaining memory available to start other applications quickly. SQL Server does not immediately allocate the memory specified in max server memory on startup. Memory usage is increased as needed by SQL Server until reaching the value specified in max server memory. SQL Server cannot exceed this memory usage unless the value of max server memory is raised. right-clicking
You can change it with Management Studio by “right-click” on the server in the object viewer and selecting properties.
Then change the Maximum Server Memory value:

To free memory, you can use but these commands but they are only useful for example to test query duration in a constant context. SQL Server is clever enough to through away objects from RAM when it is needed.

Another Solution:
Would be SQL Server configuration issues
Please install SSMS
Connect to the server where your Product Match DB is stored and check the next option:

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