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List Matching Software

Inspect lists, delete duplicates and inaccurate data items, and standardize at scale to ensure consistency and accuracy in virtually any source imaginable with world-class list matching software.

Maintain and manage your lists easily with batch matching and cleaning using scheduling features, or integrate list matching software with your systems to clean in real-time, as data is entered.

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Leading List Matching Software

Clean and match email, customer, contact lists

Industry’s fastest matching and deduplication

Complete set of data cleansing tools

Import lists from any source (Excel, CRM, DBs, etc.)

Best-in-class list enrichment and deduplication

Process millions of records

World-class customer support

Costs 95% less than comparable solutions

Data Ladder’s visual approach for business users is cutting-edge. The visual interface and well thought-out options make for simple and effective data cleansing implementations.

Ted Friedman, Gartner – Author Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools