Command Line Version

This version is intended for running DataMatch Enterprise™ (further DME) as a command line tool.


DataMatch Enterprise Server allows processing existing project in background mode without GUI, just using Windows command prompt or running it from other custom user application

GUI Mode

If you run DME Server without command line parameters, the application will start in familiar GUI mode like a regular DME version. In this mode, you can create the new project, edit an existing one, define transformations and match definitions. Saying simpler, on this stage you can prepare a project for running in automated mode.

Command Line Mode

You can also process an existing DataMatch project in a fully automated mode.  Among prerequisites the next conditions should be satisfied with the processing project:

Command Line Usages

Utility mode has the next syntax:

DataMatchEnterprise.exe -p <ProjectName> -o <OutputFormat> -f <FileName> -c <ConnectionString> -t <TableName> [ -r -em -et -ef ]

Optional parameters are enclosed into the square brackets.

There are 2 fundamentally different export formats:

So what do you do if there are inconsistencies or variations in your data? Even worse, what if there are different errors in both a database and a search engine? Data Ladder’s DataMatch Enterprise Server finds the right data – even with incomplete information. Our algorithms can find the areas of similarity regardless of what fields they’re located in or however the data is aligned.

Our platform is a robust approach to making imperfect data usable. Our platform can make the right connections with any type of structured data. From spelling errors to redundancies, our tool can work through many of the common issues found in large amounts of data.

Check the validity and deliverability of a physical mailing address with our updated data quality technology. DataMatch Enterprise Server Edition comes equipped with address validation and geocoding technology, which helps standardize your address lists for mailings. Standardization converts an address to a standard format by correcting the address and adding missing information (such as a zip code or a suffix).

It is then compared against a list of valid addresses to determine validity. You also have the ability to enhance each matching address and add ZIP+4 level latitude and longitude values for the best in mapping precision.

Have a specific data quality problem in mind?

Geocoder Latitude and Longitude

Geocoding provides the geographical coordinates for a specific address or location. Whether you need to analyze intelligence data or visualize distance, there are numerous applications of this very important tool. Our geocoding module provides exact latitude and longitude, along with census tract and block group information for each deliverable address in your database. You can also perform distance calculations based on a ZIP+4™.


Canadian Address Verfication

DataMatch Enterprise + Address Verification Software also comes equipped with address validation for Canadian addresses. DMES will identify, validate, and correct addresses, and will format the results to the preferred standard for Canada Post.

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