Think Address Verification is an Option?

Address verification is vital for any business. Inaccurate addresses can be a costly problem for your organization and not just because they prevent prompt, accurate

Bad data equals bad customer experience

In a competitive world with seemingly endless choices and price-wars, there’s one thing that can truly set you aside from the competition. Customer Experience. In

The Cost of Bad Data Quality

How much is bad data quality costing you? Like many modern businesses, you probably rely heavily on your data. But unless your data is of

The Future of Digital Healthcare

Healthcare has tracked along with its business counterparts through most of the digital revolution. However, they have been slow to adapt and implement digital strategies

Record Linkage in Healthcare Research

Linkage of records between electronic health databases has become increasingly important to both the providers of healthcare and researchers seeking cures to complex diseases. Electronic

Education Changes with P20 Programs

Changing education over the past two decades has been a priority in the United States, but the efforts have been limited to standardized testing. The

The P20 Experience in Aurora

Across the country, P20 initiatives are becoming stronger in their effort to impact education and business in their respective states. These initiatives are consistently showing

The Challenges of ICD-10

Changing the diagnosis and procedure coding, or ICD-10, is on the horizon in healthcare. The sheer size and cost of the massive project is challenging

Data Cleansing Techniques for Redundancies

Dealing with duplicate data requires a strategy to deal with inconsistent data. The first step would be to standardize addresses with data matching software.  Secondly,