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Our training and certification program is designed to helps users improve data quality within their organization using best-in-class data cleansing and fuzzy matching software.

How Does It Work?

Whatever your role in a data quality project — as a manager, developer, architect, administrator, or IT professional — we have a learning path to teach you what you need to know to be successful. The Data Ladder Certification Program has been created to ensure proper training on the use of all features of our best-in-class data matching and cleansing software so you can Get the Most Out of Your Data.

The Data Ladder Certification Program


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10 hours: Demonstrate basic knowledge of the software.


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100 hours: Demonstrate intermediate knowledge of the software.


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1,000 hours: Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the software.


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10,000 hours: The expert credentials recognize the mastery of the software.

With Data Ladder Training & Certification Services, you can:

Create golden records.

Create personalized libraries to standardize the data.

Evaluate the quality of the data.

Learn how to clean your data.

Identify, match, and merge multiple records.

Use all the modules in the system.

Make your data work better.

Dedupe your data with advanced technology.

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