Across the country, P20 initiatives are becoming stronger in their effort to impact education and business in their respective states. These initiatives are consistently showing depth and are well thought out in their scope. Even with standardization requirements to ensure fluid communication, states and local jurisdictions are creatively finding ways to tailor their programs to meet the needs of their communities. This is an exciting time in education because of the P20 program and its long-term impact.

, The P20 Experience in Aurora

P20 in Aurora, Colorado

In Aurora, Colorado, we have found a P20 program that exceeds expectations in vision and potential impact for the community. Their program has been tailored to offer academic and career pathways in Arts & Communications, Business, Health Sciences, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These pathways are targeting the crucial skills students require for future success, thus creating growth in their state and local community. Each academic pathway includes the following focal points for success:

  • Rigorous coursework and experiences to prepare students for college and careers.
  • Career clusters that are linked to Colorado industry sectors so students are fully prepared to find work within the state.
  • Opportunities to master the skills and knowledge needed to compete in ever-changing 21st century jobs.
  • Hands-on field experiences and community outreach projects related to coursework and career studies.
  • Partnerships with all stakeholders – students, parents, staff, universities, businesses, community organizations and governmental agencies.


Reading through the detail and outlines of the programs, there is a sure sense of accomplishment for the future of this program.

Of course, as with any P20 programs, data management and record linkage are crucial to successful outcomes. We have been able to help organizations manage their record linkage programs within the education industry – we have been able to improve match accuracy from 90 percent to 97 percent! Imagine the results that improved match accuracy can have when comparing schools in two cities. The impact that this can have on policy and decision making is enormous.

Accurate and timely data will be in demand. Find out how by downloading a free case study on Understanding Data-Driven Decision Making with SLDS and P20 from Data Ladder.