Creating and sending professional emails for many businesses is an integral part of the online marketing puzzle. From HTML emails and autoresponders to surveys and event invitations, an effective email marketing program can certainly provide streamlined communications from a company to a customer.
But what happens when an email marketing program isn’t so streamlined? When a potential customer gets two of the same emails in the same day? Unfortunately, your email can be
perceived as spam and lead to unwanted consequences. Duplicate emails are not only frustrating for the recipient, but for the company sending the email as well.
Causes of duplicate email issues can arise from several problems.

  • Multiple subscriptions to a mailing list
  • Messages matching more than one rule or filter within the software
  • Potentially corrupt files
  • More than one account or profile configured

Usually the company doesn’t realize that they need to remove duplicate emails until they begin seeing the removal requests from the recipients. Luckily, this problem has an easy solution. Here at DataLadder, we help clients remove duplicate emails from their marketing list.
Our high powered software package offers an easy way to manage and maintain your email addresses quickly and easily. Intuitive and user-friendly, our software can remove duplicate emails in addition to maintaining a clean, smart list.
Avoid embarrassing situations with your customers!  Contact our sales department for more information on our software suite.