Do you sometimes feel like the baby boomer who never grasped the digital age, then suddenly realized that email and an iPhone is a necessary tool? Putting this in the context of your business, how does your business stand up to the competition? Did a new start-up competitor hit the ground running with a business model that is data driven and digitally focused?
Data driven decision making Data Ladder
Those are some questions troubling businesses across all platforms that have failed to introduce legitimate data programs and properly utilize industry data from their analytics. From marketing and finance to human resources and customer service, effective performance in today’s market is solidly based in data.
In a recent survey, 65% of those businesses polled indicated they better figure out data analytics — or risk becoming irrelevant. Leaders acknowledge that data driven decision making is changing the traditional boundaries, allow the more agile companies to grab the market share. Based upon the explosive growth of data tools in enterprises, business has reached a point where intelligence gleaned from analytics is now at the core of all decisions. It is becoming clear that those who fail to fully embrace and invest in data risk total disruption, or worse. About 61% of businesses state clearly that data analytics are already driving their revenues.
As business continues to grow across all platforms, leadership will expect real-time information from data analytics to make real-time decisions across their business, which will directly impact their bottom line. Those who embrace and implement viable programs and adjust their practices will surely step ahead and disrupt their competitors.
With so much risk, business must depend on a partner with the right data quality tools to provide the right solution to their data programs. Data Ladder is the right company with the right solutions, at the right time, to provide clear solutions to data quality.
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