How many times have we heard that phrase “there’s an app for that” in our daily lives? Just about everything that you can think of has a digital solution. When you explore those solutions to resolve your challenges, it sometimes becomes a bit overwhelming with all the choices. You finally pick a solution that you like and quickly figure out that using the digital solution can be more problematic and troubling than the problem itself. Is there really an app for that? 
Well, while we don’t offer apps, we do have good news when you are looking for solutions in the data cleansing realm that are just as simple! The data profiling feature offered in DataMatch Enterprise has been providing our customers ease and clarity when trying to understand their data. DataMatch Enterprise is the premier software for Data Ladder and your first choice when trying to resolve data challenges. It offers features with the fastest matching speed and highest accuracy rate in the industry. The question really is though … is it simple? The data profiling feature in the software answers that question immediately.
DataMatch Enterprise’s profiling feature displays data issues in an easy to understand and clear formatting. It will clearly show you the irrelevant data in all your specified categories. You know exactly where the problems are and then can resolve them. Check out sample images of the product in use:


Data profiling function in use with DataMatch Enterprise


The clean tab shows just how easily the dirty data issues can be taken care of.

DataMatch Enterprise is the choice software across all industry for addressing data cleansing challenges. Simplicity means that you save time and money, along with having confidence in the accuracy of your finished product.
Go to and download a free trial of this premier software. See how simple it really is!