Achieving peak and near perfect performance from athletes is the sweet spot for sports teams. The question is: how do teams of athletes achieve perfection over and over again? Many factors go into the formula of finding the sweet spot for every athlete, and data quality tools now lead the charge. Interestingly enough, professional sports were one of the first industries to embrace the effectiveness of big data.
Baseball leads the industry using data quality tools to monitor and provide strategic data on every aspect affecting the game. Their programs monitor everything about players, conditions of play and historical data, down to individual plays. The results give teams that “secret sauce” to strategically approach playoffs and championship play. If a team can reliably predict, within reason, the outcome of a certain pitcher vs. specified batters of the opposing teams, given the field of play and atmospheric conditions, it gives the managers a certain strategic edge. This brings the game down to a decision factor with a razor’s edge for every act of the game in play.
Some purists will argue that the intelligence gleaned from takes away from the purest form of the game. However, it does increase fan following and support, competition between players and the intense focus of the organizations in the respective leagues. Adding the edge of data science makes the game more intense and provides more challenging outcomes. Players also see the benefits in their professional health and performance, which can extend the life of their playing career. No matter how you feel on the impact of data in sports, the industry will continue to employ the latest technology to ensure the best possible data analytics impacting all aspects of the organizations.
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