For all business owners, there is nothing more important than accuracy. You might say that accuracy is the propelling force that owner, employee and customer have come to rely on. Taking that one step further (let’s say to the government level) and you have just increased the need for accuracy to the highest degree.
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Accuracy is extremely important because the reputation of an organization or business is directly connected to mistake-free consistency. There is absolutely no room for error, especially when it comes to important things such as health benefits and payroll.
Let’s introduce our hero right off the bat! DataMatch, our big data matching software, is a force of virtual nature that will organize big data and categorize it where it belongs. DataMatch automatically detects duplicate data, and can distinguish when data is very similar.
Now for the plot, complete with obstacles. Say there are two Mary Smiths who live in Los Angeles — one is Mary J. Smith and the other is Mary G. Smith. Mary J. Smith is 62 and doesn’t plan on retiring, so she won’t be collecting her Social Security. Mary G. Smith is 67 and decided to retire and start collecting her full Social Security benefits.
Unfortunately, due to a computer glitch, it was thought they were the same person, so Mary G. Smith, who was counting on her Social Security benefits to survive, will have to put her life on hold until this glitch is found and corrected. This glitch will cost the government taxpayer dollars, and Mary G. Smith anguish that she doesn’t deserve. In addition, Mary J. Smith will now be inconvenienced because she will have to deal with the Social Security office to return the checks, and to make sure that it is cleared from her record.
DataMatch is making a big difference for many clients across several industries. Learn more about our big data matching software — contact one of our data matching specialists today!