Kingfisher corrects thousands of misclassified products by driving product hierarchies in unstructured format

Company Profile

Kingfisher plc is an international home improvement company with 1,302 stores in 10 countries across Europe, Russia, and Turkey, supported by a team of 79,000 colleagues. The company offers DIY and home improvement products and services to nearly six million customers who shop in their stores and through our digital channels every week. Their customers are everyone wanting to improve their home, as well as the experts and trade professionals who help them.

Business Use-Case

Kingfisher faced two challenges in terms of product data management:

  • Merge different platforms (394K products in total) to have a uniform set of attributes between all products.
  • Categorize all products to an internal set of product codes. This involved categorization and analysis of where there were inconsistencies.


ProductMatch™ was able to derive a hierarchy in Excel and import over 60K lines of attributes and categories. This, in turn, was used to categorize 394K records of unstandardized product data. Once the data was categorized, ProductMatch™ matched duplicate products and enriched the data between the match group members (duplicate products).

ProductMatch™ implemented Kingfisher’s internal product codes as a hierarchy and classified the same 394K products. ProductMatch™ was then able to see which products had been incorrectly classified in their SAP system. By using the classification module, Kingfisher was able to correct thousands of misclassified products.

  • ProductMatch™ was able to derive a hierarchy in Excel and import over 60K lines of attributes and categories.
  • Categorize and standardize unstandardized product data.
  • Match and enrich data between the match group members.


Increase online sales dramatically
Kingfisher was able to populate their online store and give their customers more accurate search results. Having the attributes properly standardized helped them to increase their online sales dramatically

Resource for data cleansing and fuzzy matching needs
By properly classifying the products into the correct internal code, they were able to reduce import tariffs on many of their products. Resource for data cleansing and fuzzy matching needs.

About ProductMatch

ProductMatch™ helps you make sense of unstructured product data in a visual, highly intuitive manner. Using machine learning for effective attribute extraction and product matching, ProductMatch™ can recognize and transform complex product data from disparate sources. The platform is specifically designed to uncover hidden relationships, learn from past experiences, and create hierarchical categorization for a consistent view of product data that helps optimize business spend, maximize profit margins, and enhance operational efficiency.

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