uses data cleansing and standardization to remove duplicates in minutes

About provides legal services to millions of U.S. and Canadian consumers and law firms. Its industry-leading directory provides current profiles on 2 million lawyers practicing in 60 countries. Each month, its free consumer matching service provides connections to 40,000 local lawyers with relevant practice area expertise.  

Its LawyerLine service helps hundreds of small and large law firms provide superior service to their clients. is headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey with operations across the U.S. 

Business Use-Case and Challenges wanted to deploy a matching solution to link a variety of source data with its SQL-based company database to identify and remove duplicate records.  

The data analytics team at were manually creating matching rules to meet their needs. But this process was taking far too long and often the results were not accurate.  

This compelled the team to look for a matching solution with out-of-the-box features to easily build relationship tables to identify duplicates. 

Solution Criteria

There were a host of factors that were vital for the needs of the data analytics team including speed, cost, and flexibility.  

Flexibility and user-friendliness of the data cleansing and standardization component was also crucial. This could enable the data analytics team to run and find matches within a fraction of the time taken to do so otherwise.  

After a product demo and proof-of-concept session, the team at Data Ladder were able to convince the Lawyer team of DataMatch Enterprise’s performance. 

Impact of DataMatch Enterprise

The team at were amazed with the time-to-first-result and configurability of DataMatch Enterprise.  

Unlike the manual approach that would normally take the team significant hours, DataMatch Enterprise was able to link disparate records and identify and remove duplicates within a matter of minutes – without having to make changes in the source data.  

“One of the best things I liked about DataMatch Enterprise is the ease of data cleansing and standardization. I can easily go in and manipulate the columns and the data within the software without having to make any changes in my source files or within the database itself.” 

– Sierra Stoudt, Lead Data Analytics Engineer 

Furthermore, in addition to the tool’s bespoke matching features, the extent of customization in DataMatch Enterprise’s WordSmith feature enabled users to write custom expressions to find matches with greater accuracy and minimize duplicate records. 

About DataMatch Enterprise

DataMatch Enterprise is a user-friendly and powerful software that helps business users across many industries manage their data more effectively and drive their bottom line. Our enterprise-grade matching tool has been proven to find approximately 5-12% more matches than leading software companies IBM and SAS in 15 different studies. Let Data Ladder be your partner in your next marketing campaign. Increase your sales by offering data cleansing services through DataMatch™.

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