Major wholesaler beats a two-year data merger project deadline by several months

Company Profile

This large United States wholesaler is a leader in business-to-business distribution services and provides solutions in several areas including paper, logistics, and packaging. The company works in several markets, such as manufacturing, food service, and retail. The company’s sales revenue in 2015 was approximately $10 billion.

Business Use-Case

While in the process of combining data during a multi million-dollar merger, the project manager on the task realized that matching and merging two distinct, very large product data sets based on a grouping of attributes was a lot more complex than originally anticipated.

Solution and Benefits

DataMatch Enterprise™ provided a hassle-free solution for the project manager. With the ability to share templates, it saved an enormous amount of time in training users since the templates were already built and ready to use. Matching attributes could be determined quickly based on the identified private product segments. With the templates already configured, users only had to worry about the output. DataMatch Enterprise™ also made cleaning and match definitions easier to manage. With the unique identifiers, Wordsmith libraries and advanced settings, SMEs built the parameters, and users would manually review the data.

  • Ability to share templates and save time
  • Identify product segments and do business intelligence
  • Build parameters to review your data

With the simplicity and intuitiveness of DataMatch Enterprise™, the company was able to beat a deadline for a two-year project. They saved time on training employees, taking only two to three hours for users to get up to speed. The ability to easily extract data and results also contributed to the major time savings.

The world-class advisory services provided by Data Ladder also helped the company through the initial implementation process. From emails and screen sharing to physical trips to the company offices, Data Ladder was able to troubleshoot issues early on during the process.

“We are currently months ahead of a deadline for a two-year project because of the work that we were able to accomplish with DataMatch Enterprise.”

– Project Manager Data Management and Integration

About DataMatch Enterprise

DataMatch Enterprise is a user-friendly and powerful software that helps business users across many industries manage their data more effectively and drive their bottom line. Our enterprise-grade matching tool has been proven to find approximately 5-12% more matches than leading software companies IBM and SAS in 15 different studies. Let Data Ladder be your partner in your next marketing campaign. Increase your sales by offering data cleansing services through DataMatch™.

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