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Data Enrichment Benefits – Increase Sales Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction by 50%
July 1, 2020

Data, an organization’s intellectual asset, must be treated and regularly enriched to remain useful and valuable. Over 80% of companies we’ve…

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data preparation software
A Quick Guide to Data Preparation Software, Solutions & Best Practices
June 8, 2020

As companies are spending billions of dollars investing in big data with the hopes of turning data into money, the need…

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Preparing Your Data From Home – Are You Prepared?
March 20, 2020

The last few weeks have not been easy. With a pandemic in tow, businesses are experiencing a difficult time. With so... Read More
Data Wrangling Solutions – Making Successful and Resourceful Consumer Behavior Analysis Possible
September 29, 2018

The key to reducing consumer churn, attracting new consumers, and improving the prospect of upselling or cross-selling within existing consumers is…

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ETL  vs Data Preparation – What’s Right for Your Business
September 26, 2018

Confused between ETL and data preparation? Not sure which method to follow? Here’s everything you need to know about ETL vs…

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