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Why Your Organization Must Have a Data Quality Management Plan to Be Ahead of the Game
July 10, 2020

Data quality (DQ) and data quality management (DQM) is emerging as a needed business strategy in enterprise-level organizations. Although not a…

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Product Taxonomy 101: Categorizing Your Store Hierarchy to Increase Sales
July 8, 2020

The information is there. The challenge is to help customers find the right information quickly, efficiently, and smoothly. All too often,…

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Self-service Data Preparation Tools – Reduce Your Reliance on IT & Complex ETL Processes
June 10, 2020

Data preparation tools have been around for quite some time now. Most of these tools though require users to be proficient…

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What Does Data Quality Mean for Your Data Warehouse?
July 29, 2019

Bad data is why many data warehousing projects fail to deliver results; in fact, data quality in data warehouses remains a…

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Data and Customer Experience
June 10, 2019

No one likes the “anonymous customer treatment”, especially coming from their favorite brand or frequent retail market. Inaccurate data gives a…

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Data Cleansing in the Data Warehouse: The Code-Free, Automated Approach to Maintaining Your Single Source of Truth
May 3, 2019

Data is everywhere, with total volume expected to exceed 44 trillion GBs by 2020, but rarely is it useful. Only 27%…

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Preparation of ‘The Data’ – Why Do I Need It and Why Now
September 19, 2018

The world you live in today is not the same world you lived in a few years back. Recently everyone has…

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Role of Data Matching in Mergers
April 4, 2018

Mergers and acquisitions often involve the transfer of data on large scale. Particularly, in mergers where two or more companies integrate…

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The impact of poor data matching on Marketing Campaigns
March 26, 2018

Data matching plays an important role in helping marketing managers to devise marketing campaigns. With the advent of modern data matching…

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Data matching in Social Science Research
March 19, 2018

Any kind of research being conducted to approve or disapprove hypotheses requires the collection of data, which is subsequently analyzed and…

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