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Data Deduplication Software

Identify and remove duplicates in virtually any data source using world-class fuzzy matching logic to enhance productivity and make better decisions with clean data. Reduce redundancy across disparate data sources and build enriched, golden record quickly all within an intuitive, graphical interface.

Our industry-leading data deduplication software helps you find matches within and across data sources with 96% accuracy using proprietary fuzzy, phonetic, and domain-specific techniques to build clean, consistent data in any source and format.

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Leading Data Dedupe Software

Beat IBM in record linkage accuracy

Industry’s fastest matching and deduplication

Complete set of data cleansing tools

Link varied data sources to unify records

Semantic matching for unstructured data

Process millions of records

World-class customer support

Costs 95% less than comparable solutions

Data Ladder’s visual approach for business users is cutting-edge. The visual interface and well thought-out options make for simple and effective data cleansing implementations.

Ted Friedman, Gartner – Author Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools