Data Enrichment and Enhancement Software

Use our data enrichment and enhancement software to clean existing data and supplement it with up-to-date information from third-party applications. Make your data a reliable and insightful source of intelligence.

Data Enrichment as the First Step to Data Enhancement

Businesses need more than just basic contact info to make crucial business decisions. Geographic, demographic, social, behavioral info are some of the data silos that come together to give a complete view of the customer. Data enhancement is the process of appending this information to current data and given the business additional insight on their customer.

Data enhancement is primarily achieved through data matching where missing information is added to the existing database. It is necessary to ensure raw data is cleansed and optimized before it can be used as business intelligence. Data enrichment tools are used to clean this data, making it usable for the business to merge with third-party apps to get additional insights and intelligence.

Why Do You Need a Data Enrichment Software and a Data Enhancement Solution?

Incoming Data

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Simply put, it’s the age of data. Your business will likely have data streaming in from multiple facets – web, marketing, social media, service, sales etc. All of this are stored or obtained from third-party apps and together with your master data give a complete view of your audience.

Clean Old and
New Data:

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A data enrichment software will clean your data from typographical errors, missing values, input errors etc. A data enhancement solution will add information to your existing data while ensuring that the new data is also cleansed of errors and other data issues.

Data for Deep
Business Intelligence:

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Data enrichment and enhancement makes it possible for your business to be truly data-driven and derive business intelligence from accurate, reliable information.

Using Data Ladder’s Data Enrichment Software to Achieve Data Enhancement Goals

Data Ladder’s DataMatch Enterprise functions primarily as a data matching tool that allows businesses to match data from multiple sources and enriching it along the way. This means DataMatch Enterprise can be used to achieve data matching, data enrichment and data enhancement under one roof.  With DME, you can:

Match Data from Disparate Sources to Get a Single View

Clean, Standardize and Prepare Data for Intelligence

Find Missing Data From Third-Party Sources and Append to Existing Data

In a nutshell, data enrichment will help you:

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Clean Your Data for Business Intelligence

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Prepare Your Data for Enhancement

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Ensure Data Quality Across Data Sources

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Ready To Start Enriching and Enhancing Data and Grow Your Business?

During your 30-day trial, you can access DataMatch Enterprise risk-free. The software is user-friendly and easy to install – what you see is what you get! However, we recommend a 30 to 60-minute non-obligatory online consultation with one of our subject matter experts to help you get the most out of your free trial. 

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