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Get instant 360-view of your data quality by identifying blank values, field data types, recurring patterns, and other descriptive statistics that highlight potential data cleansing opportunities.

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Why do you need a data profiling tool?

Know what you have

Assess the current state of your data in terms of content and structure and build a better understanding of the data at hand.

Generate profiles at lightning speed

Fast and accurate data profiling can help reduce manual labor and human errors, while ensuring timely deliveries.

Consistently track data quality

Monitor data validity and completeness at every step of your data quality management process to ensure data governance. w

Reduce cost and mitigate risk

Invest correctly and timely to save cost spent on outsourcing data profiling and performing rework at later stages of DQM.

Facilitate data integration and migration

Profile all data sources and understand their structural differences before initializing a data integration or migration process.

Improve operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency by planning better utilization of technology and resources, without compromising on quality.


What DME’s data profiling can do for you?

data profiling
With DME’s data profiling feature, find out the exact number of blank or non-filled values present in the fields of your dataset, as well as the count of unique (distinct) values.
DME profiles your dataset to show the number of times the most common values occur in a dataset attribute, allowing you to review whether these duplicates should exist or not.

String values are profiled to highlight how many values in the column have numbers, letters, numbers and letters both, punctuation, leading spaces, and non-printable characters.

DME analyzes the numeric values present in a dataset attribute and shows descriptive statistics such as the minimum, maximum, mean, median, mode, and extreme values.
DME identifies the pattern that a column values follow and calculates the number of valid and invalid values against the identified pattern. You can use DME’s library of commonly used patterns or create your own using our simple drag and drop pattern builder.

There’s more

What else do I get out of the box?

Our data profiling solution comes with a number of in-built features that facilitate easy, automatic, and cost-effective data profiling at any time.

User roles

A tool made for everyone

Data analysts

Business users

IT Professionals

Novice users


We take care of your complete DQM lifecycle


Connect and integrate data from multiple disparate sources


Automate data quality checks and get instant data profile reports


Standardize & transform datasets through various operations


Execute industry-grade data match algorithms on datasets


Eliminate duplicate values and records to preserve uniqueness

Merge & purge

Configure merge and survivorship rules to get the most out of data

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