Avalon Consulting enhances matching process to optimize revenue reports per marketing campaign

Company Profile

Avalon manages direct marketing fundraising campaigns for clients, including direct mail campaigns focusing on the acquisition of new donors to a nonprofit organization. Since 1997, the company has partnered with progressive nonprofits and campaigns to raise millions of dollars to achieve their visions.

Business Use-Case

Organizations need to understand the full impact of the investment they are making in direct mail acquisition. The productivity of direct mail acquisition campaigns (which typically operate at a net revenue loss) depends on both understanding the volume of gifts received directly to the campaign, but also those given through other means (online, onsite, etc) and inspired by receiving the direct mail piece.

For example, in this increasingly digital age, we know many recipients of direct mail will see the mail piece, and then use that as a prompt to go to the organization’s website to give a gift. This related giving can provide substantial additional income and help offset the cost of doing direct mail acquisition. Therefore, it is important to be able to link gifts coming in on the website (or other non-direct mail sources) to those individuals who received a mail piece in a certain time window. This is where the need for accurate matching comes in.

Challenges & Benefits

Avalon needed to match the donor’s name and address from the list of website gifts to name and address from the mailing list with a high level of accuracy. There is no other way to connect these two sources. DataMatch Enterprise played an essential role in allowing Avalon to efficiently create this match, and therefore report out on gifts and revenue received through different channels, that may have been “inspired” by receiving a direct mail piece.

By using DataMatch and Avalon’s process of “matching back” this revenue the company can give their clients an estimate of the additional amount of revenue that can help offset their upfront expense, and therefore provide additional justification for direct mail acquisition. Typically, this equates to 5-10% above and beyond “direct” returns.

  • The company was able to establish and regulate a matching process that helped them give their clients an accurate estimate of revenue
  • They were able to create reports based on data obtained through different channels
  • They were able to identify revenue that was obtained from a direct mailing campaign

“Without DataMatch, we would lack an effective tool to create these reports as the level of accuracy we need.” 

– T.J. Hillinger, Vice President 

About DataMatch Enterprise

DataMatch Enterprise is a user-friendly and powerful software that helps business users across many industries manage their data more effectively and drive their bottom line. Our enterprise-grade matching tool has been proven to find approximately 5-12% more matches than leading software companies IBM and SAS in 15 different studies. Let Data Ladder be your partner in your next marketing campaign. Increase your sales by offering data cleansing services through DataMatch™.

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