Data Dedupe Software

When it comes to a corporate enterprise database plays a crucial role. Duplicate data affects the brand and company’s reputation, and finally affects credibility and loyalty. When it involves millions of records to be managed with, the data maintenance is a big challenge, especially if the data are poorly structured and redundant.


Deduplication is the process of data removing duplicate items from databases and lists. The data dedupe software cleans mailing lists, databases, excel spreadsheets and more with comprehensive data cleaning modules, then match or deduplicate the data. So its always a wise approach for any enterprise to deploy a intelligent data deduplication software to ensure healthy database structure.

A data deduplication software finds duplicates in a database or across multiple databases and cleans the data, thereby saves time and accuracy of customer data. Helps to avoid the waste of multiple mailings. Saves time and money without re-work, re-exporting and re-importing data. It also reduce postage and mailing costs by eliminating duplicates from your database using advanced matching technology. With help of comprehensive data parsing feature one can scan product descriptions and create new product hierarchies quickly and easily.

So finally data match 2014 , a data dedupe software is a must for any enterprise or individual who handle large databases