Data deduplication software

Find duplicate data records – even in the absence of unique identifiers and exact data values – by leveraging a combination of advanced probabilistic and deterministic algorithms, and identifying fuzzy, phonetic, mis-keyed, and abbreviated variants of data values.

data deduplication

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What is data deduplication?

Data deduplication removes duplicate items from databases and lists either by matching records manually or using data matching algorithms to automatically detect duplicates. The purpose of deleting duplicate rows/records is to clean the underlying data set to achieve productivity improvements, save on duplicate mailings, and increase customer satisfaction.

Manually deleting duplicates can be a time consuming and error prone task, which is why dedupe software is an essential tool for enterprise-wide data quality initiatives.


Why do you need a data deduplication tool?

Identify different types of duplicates

Find and resolve different types of duplicates, including exact, non-exact, or varying values, stored within or across data sources.

Avoid losing data while deduping

Prevent data loss and ensure retention of the most accurate and comprehensive view of an entity after deduplication.

Perform scalable deduping

Use more advanced and scalable features for CRM deduplication than the ones built in CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce.

Implement custom merge behavior

Take the guesswork out of data deduplication by configuring custom merge and survivorship rules according to your needs.

Compare and integrate backups and archives

Reduce the number of versions residing in your archives by merging important information to the latest data record.