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Compare within and across virtually any data source to find records of a similar nature using proprietary fuzzy matching techniques, rated faster and more accurate than IBM and SAS.

Did you know?


Businesses have duplicate data: 30

Surveys reveal that its common for businesses to have up to 30% duplicate data, costing upwards of $600 billion nationally each year. The costs associated with duplicates can quickly add up, ranging from wasted marketing budget when the same customer is sent marketing material multiple times to lost productivity when your sales reps must sift through the CRM to correctly identify and deal with a customer having multiple entries.

Why does this happen?

  • Lack of a ‘Single Customer View’.

  • Variations in names, phone numbers, and addresses make it difficult to identify and compare duplicates.

  • False positives and negatives in comparisons as a result of inadequate data matching technology.

  • Links between similar records are not recognized because of incomplete information.

Why Compare Duplicates?

From managing bounces to keep consistent records, data cleaning can effectively help you manage your mailing lists. But it can be hard to keep up with when your mailing list grows and other revenue-generating tasks take precedence. One of the most basic, fundamental tasks in data cleaning is to compare lists and tables. From removing duplicates to correcting typographical errors, data quality tools that compare data or compare lists can effectively make the difference between a smart database that drives business and one that just stays idle.

Single Customer View

Compare records relating to the same customer across the enterprise and link them to create holistic, 360-degree customer view.

Duplicate Prevention

Check input data against existing records as it is entered to prevent duplicates from being created at the source, in real-time.

Customer Experience

Improve customer relationships by comparing duplicates to avoid sending the same message multiple times or personalizing incorrectly.

Operational Efficiency

Skip the manual process when comparing duplicates during data audits and eliminate the cost of outsourcing data deduplication and cleansing.

What You Get With Our Tool to Compare Duplicates

Unmatched Speed And Accuracy

Powerful semantic matching technology uses contextual recognition to cleanse and standardize complex, unstructured product data.

and Compare

Compare 100 million+ records within and across systems (databases, files, data lakes, social media, CRM, etc.) with our data dedupe software.

Merging and Survivorship

Compare duplicates, choose whether to merge to create enriched records, purge them completely, or survive specific data in a separate field.

Exact and Non-Exact Comparisons

Leverage a mix of world-class, proprietary fuzzy matching algorithms established deterministic and probabilistic techniques for accurate comparisons.

Successfully cleaning up any type of company database involves a number of processes. The longer you leave your dirty database lingering, the longer it will take to clean and manage it effectively.

Matching or linking data is a way to compare data so that records of a similar nature will be associated. The basic components of a data quality software suite will allow the user to:

Compare data

Compare two tables

Compare lists

Simply deleting duplicates is not enough, because duplicates often contain unique data. John Smith and John. B. Smith are both names of the same customer, but they may exist as two separate records in your system. One record may contain his address while the other record may contain his email address. When you compare duplicates, you can easily see the unique information contained within. Now you can automate the process of comparing duplicates to identify unique information, choosing which field to merge on, and deleting the duplicating record while preserving additional information in a newly created field.

Data Ladder’s software suite makes this process easy. With easy to use tabs, our user-friendly software makes it easy to sort through your data and compare lists of all types and sizes. From exact matches to fuzzy matches, our software will highlight and extract information based on what the user inputs, so cleaning your data is as simple as the click of a button.

Data Ladder’s data cleansing and deduplication suite allows you to compare duplicates across multiple file formats (XML, JSON, .txt, .xlsx, .csv, etc.), databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Teradata, MySQL, MS SQL, IBM DB2, etc.), CRMs (MS Dynamics, SugarCRM,, Big Data repositories (MongoDB, HBase) and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter). You can also integrate with any OLE DB or ODBC compliant database.

Our data cleansing solution can compare duplicate across systems with 100 million+ records and has been rated the fastest and most accurate duplicate removal software in multiple independent studies, consistently outperforming competing solutions from IBM and SAS. Whether you’re a business user or IT, experience the power of code-free, intuitive data cleansing and increase operational efficiency today.

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