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Insurance Sits on a Data Goldmine
August 11, 2015

With every aspect of business and life becoming digital and connected, insurers are sitting atop a goldmine of data … just…

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Case Study: Gleaning Health Data with Help of Record Linkage Tools
October 17, 2014

There is big money in crunching healthcare data – the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded $32 million in grants…

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Is There Privacy in the Digital Age?
October 10, 2014

Our world is being shaped by our online presence. Our various platforms connect each of us to the world and each…

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The Data Driven Classroom: Changing The Way We Think and Learn
September 15, 2014

With the days of cursive handwriting and paper textbooks becoming a thing of the past, we are experiencing new curriculum and…

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Insurance Sits Atop a Data Gold Mine
September 5, 2014

With every aspect of business and life becoming digital and connect, insurers are sitting atop a gold mine of data ……

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Television Needs to Embrace Data Quality
August 29, 2014

The days of television, as we knew it, are just gone. Since its inception, television has been the most affordable and…

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Healthcare Data and the Fuzzy Matching Challenge
August 8, 2014

In today’s data driven world, it is often necessary to link people from one database to another. The challenge is especially…

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Recruit and Retain Amazing Talent With Data Quality Tools
July 25, 2014

The C-suite of every organization experiences endless frustration at the costs of employee turnover. Regardless of what they spend on recruiting,…

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Fuzzy Matching Minimizes Insurance Risks
November 20, 2012

When you’re a leading worldwide insurance company, conflicting data can significantly impact operations and financial stability. From providing exceptional customer service…

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A Fuzzy Match Made in Data Cleaning Heaven
October 31, 2011

So, with the thousands of records a typical company database may have at any given time, how does one sort through…

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