Gibraltar Group consolidates address silos to spearhead sales campaigns


The Gibraltar Mortgage Group is a real estate services agency headquartered in Houston, Texas, providing mortgage, insurance and title services to real estate professionals and other customers.

The Gibraltar Group comprises of three entities – Mortgage, Insurance and Title. It has been operating as a group since 2001, offering professional residential and commercial title insurance, closing services and qualified intermediary services for a range of real estate transactions.

As a subsidiary of GH III Management and a sister company of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, Gibraltar Group has won 12+ accolades and awards for exceptional customer service and satisfaction owing to its two-decades’ plus worth of experience in the industry.

Business Use-Case

Gibraltar Group aimed to position itself as a complete service provider to clients requiring mortgage, insurance, and title services. The leads for its solutions, obtained from Gary Greene, however, were not converting into customers despite asking Gary Greene real estate agents to refer to Gibraltar Group’s services.

This prompted the need to identify best-fit customers from various leads lists for cross-sell and up-sell initiatives. To do so efficiently, however required a single view of customers across multiple data points to distinguish warm prospects from inactive or cold leads.

Challenges Faced

The Gibraltar Group had data coming in from a variety of sources. In each, customers were filling their address details without any set structure. For example, some address details consisted only of lane numbers; others only had street number and so on – resulting in a lack of a standard address format.

The lead enterprise architect tried manual coding to standardize and correct the hundreds of addresses. But this led to hours lost verifying addresses and dismal marketing campaign performance. Automating the address standardization tasks in PostgreSQL was also attempted, but it was not simple due to the scale of data in the system. All address data was arranged in silos and the absence of a customer master record made verifying addresses slow and frustrating.

Solution Criteria

Consolidating addresses from disparate sources under a single centralized repository with a set format necessitated the need for a data matching solution with robust address standardization capabilities.

Gibraltar Group began researching different vendor tools but chose Data Ladder’s DataMatch Enterprise as a potential solution capable of ingesting data from multiple sources, automating address standardization at scale, and producing a single master record for easy navigation. The defining criteria for choosing DataMatch over other vendors were the following:

  • Point-and-click interface – The solution had to be intuitive enough to be used easily not only by data professionals but also the marketing department for campaigns.
  • Advanced automation – Batch processing of address verification and standardization tasks had to be executed daily using automation to relieve manual coding efforts.
  • Cost-effectiveness – The software also had to be reasonable from a cost standpoint to justify a high return on investment for the project.

Impact of DataMatch Enterprise

DataMatch Enterprise proved to be a major step forward for Gibraltar Group’s sales and marketing prowess. Prior to deployment, centralizing data from different sources was cumbersome. This meant identifying the right prospects for mortgage and insurance services was a dead end.

Now, data ingestion was seamless, and the goal of a single database of addresses was a possibility. DataMatch Enterprise provided a solid foundation to lay the groundwork for address validation for Gibraltar Group’s campaign requirements. What would have taken forever to fix if done manually was now being done at a fraction of the time.

“DataMatch Enterprise was a breakthrough for my troubles and gave life to my project. Merging from multiple sources became a reality. It made possible for us to think about the up-sell and cross-sell initiatives.”

– Karthi Patchamuthu, Director of Business Intelligence, The Gibraltar Group

Thanks to DataMatch Enterprise, identifying leads that are a not a good fit for Gibraltar Group became a far smoother process. Now the marketing team can simply segment it and load into the CRM for nurture marketing campaigns.

About DataMatch Enterprise

DataMatch Enterprise is Data Ladder’s flagship data matching and cleansing solution for customer name and address verification, record linkage and deduplication needs. Through a combination of proprietary and established fuzzy, phonetic, and exact matching algorithms, DataMatch Enterprise delivers a high matching accuracy to provide a single customer view across the enterprise.

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