How to Sell the Boss on Master Data Management

You have single-handedly taken on the fight for Master Data Management in your company.  Over the past year, you have completed hundreds of hours of research to really become well versed on the subject. Though not a fully qualified data scientist, you understand the concepts and the numerous benefits your company will enjoy. Having the knowledge and the data strongly in place, it is now time to sit with the CEO and CFO and pitch your heart out.

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Before you walk into the office on that fateful day, you start having second thoughts. You understand that there are costs involved with staffing, infrastructure and other factors. Having completed your due diligence, you have the answers and can demonstrate the viability. However, you are also entering the kingdom of the conservative players. Many great ideas with weaker ROI have failed miserably for numerous reasons. When you enter that office, you know one thing — it is do or die!

So, in preparing for your day in the spotlight, think about these points to help prepare you for the big day for pitching the concept of Master Data Management:

  1. Think like a CEO: Be a strong advocate for the program, but hit the issue from all angles. Include every division in the company, along with their challenges and benefits.
  2. It is NOT All About ROI: You’re pitching more than ROI! The CEO and CFO want to understand the numbers fully, so you have to speak to the business advantages. ROI is just one element of your pitch.
  3. Speak with Knowledge: Make sure you have a complete understanding of Master Data Management. Connect with peers and understand their experiences. Know details from white papers on how the program has impacted other companies. Spend some time with a Master Data Management consultant and understand every aspect of how your company will be impacted.
  4. Partner with HR: Work with HR to determine what the current applicant pool may look like for data professionals in your region and their potential salary requirement. Obtain sample resumes of data professionals that would be targeted for your company.  Selling the quality of the professionals is critical.

Now that you have your knowledge base built, it is almost time to make the pitch. Remember to think like a CEO and attack your problems from every possible angle. As part of your due diligence, speak with the Master Data Management professionals at Data Ladder. They are uniquely qualified to educate and guide you through the process and achieve success with your company data.

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