Identity Resolution Software

Entity Resolution Made Easy: A suite of Identity Resolution Software with a customizable easy to use GUI and Free Trial




 Transform Dirty Data To Deduplicated, Cleaned & Merged Data


> Powerful fuzzy and phonetic algorithms find similar records
> Combine, merge, purge, or flag entities
> What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Entity Resolution, change the data cleansing settings and see the real time effect on your data
> Libraries of nicknames, addresses, cities, and postal Codes improve the Entity Matching process
> Clean data by applying Proper Casing, deleting unwanted characters, and much more
> Standardization and extraction of data through automatic and customizable find/replace libraries that can be reused. Very useful for categorizing records
> Parsing of address and other data types, completely customizable
> Free data libraries; Nicknames (Jon=Jonathan), Postal Codes US |UK| Australia| Canada| etc, Street suffixes, and a best in class library creator for your custom needs. Get started cleaning your data today.