Case Study

Data Cleansing Tool Drives Revenue and Saves Time for LAMB Insurance and Finance

Company Profile

Lamb Financial Group is one of the fastest growing insurance brokers in the country, providing financial services exclusively to non-profits and social service organizations nationwide. The company is dedicated to finding insurance required by local charities tackling some of society’s toughest issues. Based in New York, the organization works with carriers who specialize in non-profits and charities, providing Worker’s Compensation, Casualty, Professional Liability, Property, Auto, Directors and Officers, Group Health, and Disability Insurance.

Business Situation

The organization needed to extrapolate data from different sources. With slight differences in the key field, they needed to reduce the amount of data scrubbing and save time with data cleansing. With accuracy being such an important part of their business, maintaining a high level of standardization was also very important for the organization. It was critical to be able to have a data software tool that can bridge the gap with reconciling differences with all the data being combined and link records together accurately.

Our Solution

The company decided to use Data Ladder’s record linkage tools. Our rates exceed the industry average; while the average data linkage rate is 90 percent, Data Ladder’s average record linkage is at about 97 percent. DataMatch Enterprise™ provided an easier data cleansing solution for the organization. They were able to quickly use our Wordsmith™ function, which is a standardization tool to create custom libraries settings. This allowed them to cleanse the data and find the best possible match. The software has now become an important part of their process when importing new data into their CRM.


Save several hours of manual work

Data Ladder’s cleansing and matching toolkit has provided the company the ability to do more with less oversight, helping reduce the data scrubbing element of their workflow by several hours each week. This is especially useful for them when importing large quantities of data.

Our Wordsmith™ function is a standardization tool to create custom libraries settings

Helping reduce the data scrubbing element of their workflow by several hours each week

Clean the data and find the best possible match within your database

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