Case Study

See how QRP used Data Ladder’s data quality platform to integrate lists from 15+ different sources, clean and standardize it, and filter and match certain data to efficiently create master data that became an unexpected profit center for the company.

Company Profile

Quick Reliable Printing, based in Midland, Michigan, has been providing printed business materials for companies since 1979. 100% locally owned and operated, the company is proud of the fact that over 65% of all the labor, supplies, raw materials, and resources used for their printing processes are purchased from other Michigan based companies.

Business Situation

As a commercial printing company dealing with enormous amounts of client mailing lists, they had a lot of variable data sets to manage. Working with lists from 15-20 different sources, they needed to determine a way to combine lists accurately.

In addition to maintaining accuracy, they also needed to filter out and match certain data so that one master list could be created.

Our Solution

DataMatch™ made it easy to combine data sets together and be able to pre-program what the company wanted it to do at the same time. The matching capabilities enabled them to go through the data and compare lists both with accuracy and speed.

Match records across multiple lists

Do some business intelligence

Time-saving solution


With the best in class fuzzy matching capabilities, combined with customized training by Data Ladder specialists, TurnKey Marketing was finally able to identify matching records: something they were unable to do before. They were finally able to match actual sales at dealerships with customers they had previously spoken to.

Our Customers

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