MedPlaya eliminates duplicate entries to optimize its Amigo Card customer loyalty program

Company Profile

MedPlaya is a hotel chain with locations at many of the most popular beach resorts in mainland Spain. We have been looking after guests in our hotels for over four decades, always adapting to changing needs and trends. Our aim is to provide excellent value for money while ensuring that our guests have a great time staying with us.

Business Use-Case was looking to managing the data correctly. Their database was replete with data errors including duplicates and the customer information was incomplete. The challenge to overcome was how to find the key matching criteria to eliminate duplicates and create a master record. With thousands of records to manage, and multiple criteria to match, the process would be very time-consuming and threaten the timeliness and process of the company. They also wanted to update all the information since their guests were accessing the “Amigo Card” fidelity program.

Solution and Benefits

DataMatch Enterprise™ not only gave them the opportunity to reduce the time spent on processing information, but also was able to help them find the relevant matching criteria to consolidate disparate information, remove duplicates, and optimize their ‘Amigo Card’ customer success program.

  • Decrease labor hours
  • Create a golden record
  • Enhance their data base, remove the duplicates, and enrich their customer information.

As a result, Medplaya have benefitted from enhancing and improving their communication with customers due to having more up-to-date information.

“DataMatch Enterprise ™ is an efficient, effective, and relatively easy to use software.”

– Sue Matthews, Sales and Marketing Support Management

About DataMatch Enterprise

DataMatch Enterprise is a user-friendly and powerful software that helps business users across many industries manage their data more effectively and drive their bottom line. Our enterprise-grade matching tool has been proven to find approximately 5-12% more matches than leading software companies IBM and SAS in 15 different studies. Let Data Ladder be your partner in your next marketing campaign. Increase your sales by offering data cleansing services through DataMatch™.

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