Data Quality Management

Low-quality data slows down business intelligence integration, prevents the smooth execution of automation initiatives, and negatively impacts your organization’s operational efficiency. Improve, enhance, enrich, and obtain accurate data with a reputable data quality tool.

What is Your Data Quality Objective?

What is Data Quality and What Kind of Data is Considered High Quality?

There are many definitions of data quality, but the commonly understood meaning is: the degree or extent to which an organization’s data meets certain quality characteristics such as: accuracy, completeness of data, validity, uniqueness, consistency, integrity, timeliness and up-to-date. Eventually, data must be able to meet with user and customer demands for efficiency.

High quality data, therefore, is data that can satisfy the requirements of its intended use. An example of high-quality data is data that has the right names and addresses for a company to use in a marketing campaign.

Industries most affected with bad data are healthcare, finance, education, and other public-service institutes where bad data can wreak havoc in people’s lives. Therefore, it’s imperative for organizations to focus on implementing data quality initiatives.


Why Do You Need a Data Quality Tool?

A data quality tool like Data Ladder’s Data Match will help you achieve important data quality management objectives. Some of these common objectives are:

The primary goal of data quality tools is to help you improve data quality and ensure that you meet your data quality management goals so you no longer incur losses due to bad data.

In a nutshell, our data quality solution will help you:

Get an on-premises solution that you can integrate with your server and data source

Improve operational efficiency with best-in-class data matching software

Save time, money and effort to hire additional talents

Achieve your data transformation and data management goals

How Can Data Ladder Help You With Data Quality Goals?

Data Ladder’s DataMatch Enterprise is a full-fledged data quality solution that enables organizations to perform key data management operations – including, but not limited to: data profiling, data cleansing, data preparation, data standardization and most importantly, data matching.

Data Ladder’s data quality software is an automated commercial solution that does not require the need to learn or possess any specific talent or skill. You also don’t need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on hiring or retaining talent, when you can spend significantly lesser in an automated solution.

Using DataMatch Enterprise, you can get tackle quality issues such as:

With Data Ladder, You Get:

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